Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Making invitations :) what do you think?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Moon

I'm so excited!! Amanda is coming to town tomorrow night and from there we will be heading off to New moon with Abby BJ and BJ's mom Jude. I'm a team Jacob all the way but I've decided to support the "Don't make me choose" cause. I don't feel its fair to have to choose between the two, we all know who she picks so even though I might go for Jacob I'm not going to hate on Edward for the rest of the book just cause Bella chose celibacy.

PAINT PAINT PAINT! I love to paint!

Things have been slow at work so while at home I've realized how plain my house is and its a very nice home. So in my spare time I've been painting away trying to make it just a little more homey! When I ran the idea by BJ the first time he said No that he didn't want to work after he got done working all day and he didn't like to paint. I said ok that was understandable but then added on a little guilt and said that nothing would get done then if we didn't do anything outside of work.:) I painted my front room first with a little help from BJ doing the edging. I just smiled. Then I painted the Laundry room while he was at work. I then bought paint for the kitchen and downstairs bathroom. I started painting the bathroom and I went out in the kitchen to get more paint and BJ was taping off the kitchen. I finished up the bathroom and to my surprise BJ had the whole kitchen taped off and was starting to paint!! I Told him he didn't have to feel obligated to help to which he brushed it off with a grunt and a shrug and continued painting. I grabbed a brush and started the edging not saying another word. but smiling inside at how much he hated painting! Long story short BJ finished the whole kitchen and the next day after work came over and immediately started up on the family room wall all by himself. Next is my Bathroom and he asked me the other day when we were going to get the paint to start painting... I feel so bad that i made him maybe like painting. :)